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A Day at the Capital - Call for Volunteers!

Feb. 26, 2020

In every state, legislators make decisions that affect our profession. Without proper knowledge, it is very possible that the decisions they make on our behalf are not what we consider to be favorable in the development of our careers. Please consider being a voice at Capital Day to help our legislators make the right choice when they vote on licensure. 

Call for Volunteers (Details)
Capital Day attendance is pretty simple. We will set up 2 tables, presentation boards, and hand outs. As legislators are available, they will visit our table, and we will be given the chance to explain the profession. 
Benefits of attending:
-Practice your elevator speech
-Practice public speaking in general
-Educate yourself on what's happening with Advocacy
-Send time networking with other professionals and students
-Share your passion with the public

Don't worry, IIDA board members will be there to help you through the day, BUT  we can't do it alone. We need you. 

Remember, only we can be the change. Share your voice!!

Feel free to reach out to Kris Lowry for more questions about the event, volunteer, and general Advocacy at [email protected]