Mississippi City Center CEU - Nature in the Workplace

    November 15, 2018
    11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
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    Registration begins at 11:30 am
    CEU begins at 12:00 pm

    Presented by
    Magnuson Group


    In-Person Presentation

    Course Description

    Biophilic design is loosely defined as the science proving how humans are healthier, more productive, more creative and learn faster when in the presence of nature (plants, water, sunlight, fresh air, natural patterns and natural materials). This can apply to products, buildings, campuses and cities.

    Rigorous research on the subject is growing and the financial benefit employers or educational institutions experience when their employees or students regularly spend time in biophilic spaces can be economically quantified. For instance, there is hard data to support that productivity increases alone could save $4,000 per employee per year at a company with a biophilic office environment. Beyond great potential economic savings, biophilic spaces create many side benefits, typically including reduced utility costs and increased employee health and satisfaction.

    This presentation will familiarize attendees with the topic and science behind it (and provide the sources of data to prove claims), as well as provide them the knowledge to analyze the economic potential of their own workplaces or learning environments.

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    CEU Information

    Designation: HSW_Sustainability
    Subject Code: Design Specialties & Corporate/Office

    Learning Objectives

    1. Be able to define and explain the basic concepts of biophilia and biophilic design
    2. Gain awareness of the growing body of science-based evidence of improved health, productivity and learning when humans inhabit biophilic spaces
    3. Understand the financial potential and return on investment of incorporating biophilic design concepts and features into the workplace
    4. Identify practical biophilic design strategies that can be incorporated into your workplace

    OED/Magnuson Group and A & S Upholstery & Interiors

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